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Hi, I got your pixel heroes pack on Unity Store, but I found you have only updated the separated flask sprites on itch, could you please update this on Unity Store as well?

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I was really hyped for this amazing looking character.
I might be missing some knowledge but I want the projectile to be seperated in order to give it some force so this character would throw the flask on top of the player to damage him.
I tried cutting it out with unity sprite editor but it takes a lot of time and I lose some details in the process because some particles are on top of the character's hand and I have to cut that out.
Are you planning to release the projectile seperately?
Because in this current state this character can only throw the flask right in front of him which is not the best tbh.
I'm not an expert so I might be wrong.

Hey! I have now published an update where I have seperated the flask and explosion effects from the throw animation. 

I hope you find it useful!

Thank you so much for the quick fix!
1 tiny detail tho... I seem to be missing the flying colored effect that the flask leaves behind (sorry I can't express myself properly in english) it's called the flask's trail maybe?
For me having the flask and it's effect seperated is not important so it can be together if that's easier for you.

oh and also when the character is about to throw the flask is still emitting some gas and dripping on the floor, thats a cool little detail that's missing as well.

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basically what I wanted was that the animation would be the same until the last frame when he throws the flask then I would just insantiate the flask with it's trail and add force to that (while the character continues it's throwing motion), sorry if I was being unclear, it's already a very useful update if you add the flask's trail to it.

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The downside with having the flask seperated from the attack animation is that I don't know in which direction the flask is currently moving in the game. Therefore I unfortunately can't add a correct looking trail without forcing the developer to rotate the sprite, which would make the sprite look very bad. I would recommend using a particle system to create a trail for projectiles.

Hey Sven, I love the characters. I'm looking at your character bundle. I've noticed you've recently updated a few with Jump Animations. Do you plan to do that with The Alchemist and the others which don't have those animations yet?

Hey! Thank you, i'm glad to hear it! 
Yes, I am planning to create jump animations for the remaining five characters in the pack. It will be released as a free update before the end of may. 

Hey! I have now updated all the characters with jump animations. Enjoy!