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hello! I love this style but am someone who lacks money completely I really like game development and I know its alot to ask since I know how hard you work for these but are you able to make this free or give me a free copy because I know there are hundreds of people who are pursuing their dream of software development and trying to make their first few games with little to no money and just by seeing how many times others have used your other works I hope this would be free for others or hopefully myself to use for our future projects, Thank you truly for all the free characters I hope you the best!

Hey! Unfortunately not. I put a lot of time and effort into these characters and would ask for payment in return.

I understand they look amazing though!

Hopefully one day I can come back and get it

I see you already asked Sven and already got your answer.  It's one thing to take a punt and see if someone will do you a favour. It's another thing entirely to have gotten your answer and then go behind their back by way of a asking me on a separate post where Sven won't see.

If you check out my games, you'll see what artwork I've done for myself by putting the time in, that cost me nothing - even the software I use (GIMP etc) is free. (and eventually I paid $30 for Aseprite, which is not much)  

In my game HopSquash, I did pay a guy to improve the characters, and it was well worth it, because they're more amazing than I could ever do and I'm making money off that game.

So you too can spend time learning how to make artwork for your game just as I did, and if you want artwork as good as Sven, then you have to spend as much time getting as good, or just pay for some of his artwork. That's how it works.

halo55, I hope you feel some amount of embarrassment by being flagged back here on Sven's page. I expect it will improve you as a person.

I love your style a lot. I'm particularly fond of how they're big enough to see the detail in their face. And it's a nice balance of fluid motion and simple shading. (I understand more detailed work takes longer, and I'm not as big a fan of that because it limits what you can afford to do). All of your sprites show a wide variety of experience with animation of humans, and effects like fire, smoke, etc. and great use of colours, and very distinct looking characters!

Just a question; I find the run animations a bit stiff - there's rarely any upper body movement. Is this a deliberate choice to keep the identity of the character clear and recognisable? That could be a good idea depending on the needs of the project.

Thank you, i'm glad you like my work.

Yes, that together with it being an older asset. Was published 1 january 2020.

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this is amazing, but it's kinda expensive...

anyway, i love it!



Does this and the other assets in your bundle come with aseprite files? (or for whichever tool was used)

I used PyxelEdit to create these characters. No source files are included unfortunately.