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Your assets are great.  Purchased the pack.  One question: there's no json file (or equivalent index) for sheet positioning.  Do we just figure this out on our own, or am I missing the obvious?  Doing this for multiple sprite sheets is a fair amount of work.

In the BattlePriest_Preview.png file you can see what frames belong to which animation and also the frame size of 100x100px. Hope it helps! 


Any chance we can see a jump animation added? Or if anyone who is good with art, possibly made a jump animation?


Hey, creating a jump and fall animation for this characters is actually on my to do list!

Hi, I really like your art and I'm planing to use them for my upcoming game and I saw on artstation some other characters that you did, so I was wondering if you would put them for sale beacause I think they could really fit well in my project. I also will put you in the credits when I'm going to release it.

Hey, those characters  are commission art, so I can't sell it currently. However, I have a deal with my client where I can release the Druid, Storm Mage and more characters commercially in about 4 months. I will be posting upcoming characters on artstation and Twitter. Thank you for the support.


great job, waiting for new pixel arts

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Thanks for the interest in my art :)


So Glad to see something new posted by you. Every character you make is so good!


Yes, it has been a while since I last posted. I'm glad i'm back doing what I love, drawing pixels :) 
Thank you for the support!