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That question was asked before but are you gonna sell those effect packages as a bundle? I will buy them all in a seconds if you do it. btw your art is amazing.

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I missed the sale because I wasn't home :( well thank you anyway, hope I can get it next time. :)

Do you have any plans to sell this effect package as a bundle? I want to buy all 4

It's available now for seven days. Thanks for the support!

I might be your most retarded customer lol
Most of the packs I buy from you I end up not using because I lose motivation mid project, but you always release something new that gets me back into programming. In a way I guess we motivate each other to continue, I hope I can finish a project some day :(

Well, i'm glad my art motivates you to continue something you enjoy! 

Awesome stuff man, I love it. I'll buy basically every effects pack you release! Just bought the bundle.

Thank you. I appreciate the support!

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Really nice art, just bought your bundle. Would be cool if you might add more directions for some effects like the death bold. That would make them fit a top down style. Some effects on the other hand already fit a top down style. Keep it up 👍

The death bolt can be tricky to implement for a top down game, the other projectiles however can be rotated to fit different directions. I'm glad to hear that you like my art. Thanks.

nice effects, 1 suggestion: for zombie arms attack, have an option of just mud in the start, as a way to warn the player that the arms are coming. Warnings of attack are essential when making any attacks.

I got the feeling these were player magic attacks, like in Golden Axe, which is why they're all quick and instant.

Great work, looks perfect. I will buy all the assets that you make. I would like to see skeletons, as you recently drew, only in the style of a side scroller.

I really appreciate your support. I might do another undead pack in the future. Right now working on new humans.

Side scrolling style? Or a top view?

It will be side scrolling characters. Here is a sneak peak of the first three characters. Peasant, Milita and Crossbowman. I will be posting updates on Twitter :)

Looking forward to these! I really like your style for them, where you can actually make out the face.