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what are the size of your sprites and do you use same size on average


I see your "Pixel Heroes pack" in unity store but i cannot find it on ?

i dont use unity in my project i prefer to use

Thanks and very cool stuff )

Hey there really like your stuff! Just curious as to when you might next do a bundle?

Cheers and keep up the awesome work

I would love an extra animation for ranged units so they can shot also under 45 degrees. I like your packages and maybe I will buy a lot of them for my next game (something like Age of War) if I will ever finish my current project :D  Great work 


Thanks, glad you like it. Don't currently have plans to do 45 degrees shooting animations.

Would you consider designing it to have a variety of unique heroes like League of Legends? Or can I approach you individually to customize and add some heroes and monsters, I hope to make a great and complete game.

Check out my profile and you can find lots different characters that together would suit perfectly for the kind of game you are describing. There will be a winter sale soon, so keep that in mind :)

Awesome work! I could imagine these and your others also in a Fire Emblem-like game! Keep up the excellent work :D


Thank you :)

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Just bought the whole Black Friday bundle! I am working on a Fire Emblem like game and I desperately needed "in battle" character animations, your characters you created are really awesome and consistent in the style so they fit well together! :D


That's awesome! Thank you for the support. Good luck with the game

Roughly 2 months ago I bought your assets and from other artists, my game is slowly taking shape! I did actually go after what I said, I'm making some kind of Fire Emblem hybrid! Check it out if you'd like:

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Any chance for a 2 handed sword/axe hero character. Like The peasant character but using a 2 handed great sword?

I'm working on a new character pack at the moment, it will feature a new faction in a similar style to this pack. But it's very possible that I come back to this pack and expand it in the future.

It's been 9 months. :p

I see on your twitter that you've been working on a game, which looks awesome. So great job on that.

Has that venture taken up all your time, or are you still working on your assets as well? Would be a shame to 'lose' one of the best pixel artists on the platform. :' )

Hey ZeroStatic, Core Keeper has taken most of my attention lately. However, I still do have still assets in the making. You can reach out to my email for early access to them :)


As always, supergalactic quality of work. I don’t understand when people are not happy in the comments.

Where else have you seen such quality for such a low price??

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Thanks. I don't think that it's negative comments. They see potential, but the current pack is not exactly what they are looking for so they ask for what they want. I take these comments into consideration and then create what I think would look best.

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I'm not only talking about these comments, I read the comments under your other assets.

for example, that it is expensive or the animations are not very smooth and there are few animations.

Well, it's impossible to please everybody and that's okay. My goal is to offer good content for prices that fit small indie developers. I appreciate the support you have given me!


Vikings with female and male villagers next please ;-)

I have some other factions in mind for the future. But a berserker would definately be a cool addition. Female villager is also a great idea.


Great that you've started to add source files! And the quality is top notch as always. :)

I'm glad that it's appreciated, thank you.


These are nice, but I was hoping for more top-down content!

Thank you. Might release more top-down content in the future. 


Hey Sven! I love your assets, but I think you should add “slide” and most importantly “wall slide” :)

Thanks! I will not add those animations for these characters. However, if you like you can reach out to me on my email and I can have the animations made in a commission.