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Incredible quality, as always. In case you want to see the Necro in action :)

Thank you! Glad to see it put to good use!

It is CC0 ?

Not exactly, You can use this asset in any game project you want, commercial or not, but you can't resell it as just an asset (as I'm doing here).

Even if we don't pay ?

What do you mean?

Deleted 1 year ago

Not sure what you mean? This has never been free


I bought this pack a couple weeks ago and added it into my game. I needed a boss character and this would fit very well into it. Really like the green fire effects. Well done!  

The game is now completed and if you wish to see this work in game, you can check out the game on google play. I will leave a link to the game below. 


That's really cool. Thanks for sharing

I'm just speechless. your work is excellent. I wish i could support u. 


Thank you!

Just wanted to say, thank you for this halloween sale, finally could get more things i wanted, keep up the good work!

That's great, thank you for supporting my work!

Okay thanks

Hello, first congratulate you on your work. I would like to know if you plan to add to this character and the rest of the bundle another secondary attack and the animations of crouch, attack jumping and attack crouched ?, I miss those movements. This would move me to buy the complete pack.

Hey! Thank you! I'm not planning on adding those animations at the moment. 

Do you plan on adding walking animations to these amazing characters eventually? I'd make them patrol but it would look weird if they were running around. I check your art every day i can't get enough of it haha. Can't wait to get to the point where i'm done with the game mechanics and can start to make characters so i can buy these!

Hey! I'm glad you like my characters. I'm not planning that at the moment, right now i'm focusing on creating jump animations. But if you would like you could commission me to draw walk animations for these characters! In that case feel free to reach out to me at:

Checked out your website, and i really like the cultists too, but i can't find them anywhere, do you sell those, or are those going to be available here?

Thanks! I will upload them for sale in a month or so. Have to create a death animation for them first