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Good asset, I like that it's a little different, not easy to do the horse.

Hi Sven! Could I ask for 2 small favors?
Could you make a white horse version of this as well?
And is it possible to have a more "generic" looking knight on the horse, so no helmet tassel and golden ears? If not no worries I can try to edit the sprites myself in Photoshop or something :)

Hey, you are free to edit the sprite however you like! Once you download the asset you have the source files for the program PyxelEdit which I used to create this character. Hope it helps!

I just got an email that there's an update for this but I can't seem to find it on the page (I can only see the Oct 14, 2020 update).
May I ask what is the update? (Sorry if it's obvious but I can't find it :( )

Also I was wondering if you still did commision work and if you do then I saw the prices change if you can resell the art to everyone here. Would the price be the same if I asked for an animation for an existing character here which you can add as an update for everyone? I mean thinking about it, it would be weird that I'd pay for something that a lot of people then get for free but I might be interested about it later on. I don't have any concrete plans i'm just wondering. Thank you.

Hey! In the update I added the PyxelEdit source file to the package. Glad to hear that you are interested in commission work. However, I got my hands full right now so unfortunately I can't accept more work at the moment.

This looks really awesome! I am working on a castlevania-like game and I'm thinking about adding this as a boss

Thanks! That would be cool to see

Really awesome you added multiple spell cast animations to him!

That would be cool, but it's not something i'm focusing on right now

No you misunderstood mean, I mean it is really awesome that there already are multiple cast animations.

Ah thank you, I see. I'm glad to hear that

Working on a Fire Emblem-like game, and this will come in handy! More Horsemen with bows, axes, and swords would be dope.

More armored knights and heavily armored generals would be awesome too


That awesome to hear. I will keep that in mind, thanks for the input

you wouldn't be open for commissions, would you?

I wouldn't mind if you sold the work on either.

Unfortunately not. I don't have the time to spare at the moment


Stunning work, the level of detail is incredible. If you have plans to add more animal sprites to your library, I would love to see a separate horse sprite like this one, but without the armor (and perhaps with a jumping animation).

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback, I will keep that in mind


it was my first 2d animation, i was waiting for someone to donate me to be able to make others. after a year of this post I'm an expert, kkk

This looks great.  I was wondering if it's possible to add a horseman with a bow and arrow/cross bow???

Thanks! I will take that into consideration for future character


wow, very cool!


I'm a little bit lost here can you help me?
So you got this cool Human Faction Bundle going on, and every character in it seems to be on a 10% sale even if I buy them individually but of course we can see the overall price is affected by it too.
On the other hand the pixel heroes bundle is not affected by this 10% off which could be fine because that's a sale already but it's a little confusing, is it intended?
Also what happens if I buy both of the bundles?

Yes, so each asset in the Human Faction Bundle is individually discounted by 10%. But if you buy the whole bundle it's a discount of 62%. This bundle will only be available for a limited time.

The pixel heroes bundle is a  bundle that will be available long term. Therefore each assets is not individually discounted, but you can buy the whole bundle with a discount of 40%.

Unfortunately Itch does not support discounts for assets you already own when purchasing a bundle. I have reached out to them regarding this. So nothing special happens when purchasing a bundle with assets you already own.

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Okay, I bought the human bundle then.
Thank you for the amazing work and discounts!
I might seem cheap but i'm doing this as a hobby (making simple 2d games as a single developer) and i'm not making any profit or anything, that's why i'm leaning towards sales so I can afford this but also support artists!

No worries, thank you for supporting my work and other artists here on Itch! It means a lot to me

How limited of a time?  Wondering how long I'll have an opportunity to grab the Human Faction Bundle

Until 5th of October :)