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To fix the attack frames being below the other frames when you use it in unity, select all the attack sprites, and then under Sprite Mode you need to set Pivot to Custom, and then X needs to be 0.5, and Y 0.4

Also works to set the pivot to bottom center when slicing the sprite sheet. This can be a bit tricky to understand the first time. So will keep the same frame size for all animations for future characters.

Really amazing sprite. I will be using this for my game Calturin.

Thank you! That's great, I hope it goes well.

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Thanks. Also by the way, it is really nice to see you put effort into idle animations in your work. Many artists just do 2 frames chest up/down and I think it is close to unusable. Especially a huge fan of your Warlock idle animation, love how he moves his hand/fingers, and the green glowing orb.

Thanks, i'm glad you like it!

excelente character! lo compraré ahora mismo!!

Thank you! :)

Is commercial use with modifications included within the license for this pack? (Sorry couldn't find the license you're using).


Yes! You are free to modify the characters and use for commercial use

beautifull pixel art! no jump animation tho?


No, but it something I have considered for a later update :)


Amazing work!

Thank you!