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Prototype Hero

The perfect asset to use to get a fully functional professional looking character for prototyping your games. Package contains the following animations:

🔹 Idle  6 frames
🔹 Run Start  2 frames
🔹 Run  8 frames
🔹 Run Stop / Landing  3 frames
🔹 Jump  1 frame
🔹 JumpToFall  3 frames
🔹 Fall  1 frame
🔹 Attack1 3 frames
🔹 Attack2  3 frames
🔹 Sheath Sword  5 frames
🔹 Dodge  4 frames
🔹 Crouch  4 frames
🔹 Ledge Grab  5 frames
🔹 Ledge Climb  8 frames
🔹 Wall Slide  1 frame
🔹 Hurt  3 frames
🔹 Death  15 frames

Update 1.2:
🔹 Attack1 Anticipation   1 frame
🔹 Attack2 Anticipation   1 frame
🔹 Upward Attack   3 frames
🔹 Air Attack  4 frames
🔹 Upward Air Attack  4 frames
🔹 Air Slam Attack  6 frames
🔹 Parry Stance  3 frames
🔹 Parry 4 frames

Update 1.3:
🔹 Walk   8 frames
🔹 Throw/Punch   4 frames

A total of 116 hand drawn frames. 

Also features:
🔹 Audio files free to be used for commercial purpose.
🔹 Unity package with all assets and animations set up.
🔹 Dust and particle effects.
🔹 Sprite sheet without sword
🔹 Death animation without blood. 
🔹 Easy-to-use Color Swap unity shader which allows for an endless creation of new colors variations.

⭐ Ratings & Downloads are much appreciated
⚡ Interested in more art? Check out my Assets here
Created by Sven

Download the free demo pack:

You can use this asset in any game project you want, commercial or not, but you can't resell it as just an asset (as I'm doing here).
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Platformer
Tags2D, Fantasy, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Sprites, Unity


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Prototype Hero 1.1.zip 2 MB
Prototype Hero 1.2.zip 3 MB
Prototype Hero 1.3.zip 3 MB

Development log


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can i use your demo to asset my game without copyrigth



Hello!!!, is there any possibility of buying this tremendous asset, but for UE5? in the bazaar I only find for 4.1

Very nice pack! There's a 2 frame crouch down but no actual crouch (as in crouch forward). 

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Hello Sven. I've purchased this pack in the past via Unity Asset Store but not using Unity currently. Can you please tell me which folders are unity specific and which one aren't? Also is the itch.io version the same of the unity asset store? Thanks a lot!

You should easily be able to transfer the sprite sheets to a new engine and do your own setup there! This assets on Itch contains the Unity package which is what you get when purchasing on Unity Asset Store. So yes, they are the same version and contains the same assets. 

Thanks Sven! I think I've successfully excluded the unity specific files (mostly .anim files). I mainly just kept .png and .wav files.

Thanks for the support and great work!


hello, can you help me in what is the best way to use jump to fall animation?


Check if the y velocity is negative :)

Does anyone use this asset with GDevelop? I bought this and love it. I just want to do more with it if anyone has any tips. know that is a broad ask, but still. 

Don't have any knowledge with GDevelop unfortunately

Yeah, I understand. It was primarily directed towards anyone who bought this and possibly used it in GDevelop. I have high hopes of making a Castlevania-like game because I absolutely loved Circle Moon on GBA. But, yeah I understand. You did great with the asset though. I really like it and have done some cool stuff with it. I was looking for some workaround and or tips.

Pretty nice overall. Wish it had a "roll" animation though.

Hi Sven, how much do you charge to create a character drawing on these assets?

he tratado de hacer la compra y no puedo por que sera?


would you still be adding the spell cast animation?

What an amazing package. Resembles my game and it's graphics and flow so very much. Currently developing it on Game Maker. Like previously stated, this could become really popular and potentially be a standard base structure for 2D platformers for Unity and Unreal.

Do you plan to update this project in the future? If I buy this setup from itch.io will it provide me with future updates. I would see myself using your plugin as a basis for building my game on Unity and Unreal later on.

I'm glad you like it! Yes, I plan to update it in the near future with some more animations. If you buy it you will get all future updates for free.

This is exactly what i was looking for. Awesome animation, thank you!

I am interested in buying a new version with punching and kicking animations

It will be nice a double jump animation, like a front flip

Прикольный пак, покупать я его конечно не буду, но зато насмотрюсь вдоволь))

Hey, are you planning on doing a Hero-Character with two swords? Would be looking for something like that :D Thx in advance :)

What's size?

The character is about 19x45px big. The size of each frame in the sprite sheet is 100x80px

It would be great if you could add a ladder climbing animation

I will keep that in mind for future updates

This hero is great! I bought it for myself. But do you know what it's missing? A rolling animation like the one you did for your vampire.


It would be great if you could include a rolling animation in an 1.4 update. Thanks.

Thanks! Noted

Hey, I purchased this and converted it to Aseprite by grabbing each individual layer from Pyxel Edit and recreating a new project in Aseprite.  Would you like that file so that you can offer it to people?

Also, I couldn't find the wallslide animations anywhere.  Also, the ground slam doesn't have the effects like in the picture to the right.

Wall slide is one frame in the Prototype Hero sprite sheet. Then you can find the wall slide dust effects in the dust sprite sheet. The ground slam effect can also be found in the dust sprite sheet.


Absolutely! You can send them to me at my email: sven_thole@hotmail.com
Thank you!

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Hey, amazing pack! Is it possible for you to add a dash animation and a downward attack animation (like up air and normal air attacks) in update 1.4?

Good suggestions, I will add it to the backlog

Thanks, really appreciated!

(2 edits) (+1)

Also, it would be nice to got stairs climb animation. I tried to make it myself but it looks poor(((

Could be a cool animation to add! 


Do you plan on adding an attack animation while running?

Hey, unfortunatly that's quite a tricky animation to add. That would mean I would need to split the torso and legs into two separate sprite sheets. I prefer to keep it simple to use and follow what most side scrolls do and prevent moving while attacking. 

May you add a tutorial, how to use color swap?

Ok, I understand that its working in "2d unity templates". Any suggestions how to setup it for other templates?

You can use the included Unity Package and import it into an empty project to have it all fully setup

Yep, but as I said, it working only in 2d template. Think, it is some shader issues

Here is a short demo: 

Just a word of appreciation :)


hey man, great animation pack!
Is there any plan to add new weapons (speak, daggers, etc.) into this pack?

Thank you! Possibly for the future.

Deleted 1 year ago


Can I sell it after applying this asset in the game? (Commercial)

Yes :)

I'm so sorry.. 

Let me ask you a few questions.

What's the resolution?

Can I modify this file and use it?

Is it possible to revise only the official version?

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It's about 18x45px in resolution, depending on the animation.
You are free to modify either the full or demo version however you like.

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I love your work in general, but this package is top tier. Really helpful blueprints. I'm making a game using many of your assets. You have really great sprite work.

That's awesome to see. The character looks great. I'm glad to be of help. Thank you för the support

Add a Rolling feature and crouching attack and I'd buy it.  Why have crouch without a crouch attack? for ducking attacks I suppose.

Crouch attack is something I consider to add for future updates

cool.  I could also just use the slide for a roll.

Absolute top tier sprite. 10 / 10 would buy again. :)

Having lots of fun coding the animations.

Thank you! Looks great :)

Im going to buy it

Thank you for supporting my work!

Nice work !

Thank you!

hey bro ! do you take orders ? thanks

Not at the moment, but you can reach out to my email and we can discuss more: sven_thole@hotmail.com

thanks sven

Hello just going to share my opinion. This would be extremely useful to me if the attack animations (or any animations) did not come "hard-coded" with a sword. If the character had the already existing attack animations as a plain human figure, a basic bow attack animation, and a generic spellcast animation, it would be the ultimate character creation art template available (assuming it also includes the editable files that can be imported to aseprite for editing). Price for that would also be more appropriate at 20+ instead of 10.


The asset does include a spritesheet without the weapon. Also includes PyxelEdit source file so you can turn layers off/on and edit the asset however you like. Spellcast and bow attack animations are things I would like to add.

Thanks for clarifying that. I did not see that in the demo(iirc) so i assumed its the same with the full file too. I would instantly get this if the extra animations were included. Sadly i don't have the skill yet to create them on my own 

Love this! Any chance of a rope swinging animation? I built a grapple hook for a Hero in my game, just looking for the right character to use it. I'll just try it with the wall slide on this one for now ;)

Thank you! Rope swinging animation is not that high of a prioritization right now. Sometime in the future maybe. 

fair enough :)

It's good to see this updated. I don't know if it's on your to do list but a fireball casting animation with one hand stretched out would be nice. I bought your pixel effects pack and it would be cool if I could use them with this asset.

That's definately something I have had in mind, thanks for the feedback

will you upload any pyxeledit files and can I use it for a commercial project?

I will update it with new animations and pyxeledit files within a few days.
Yes, tt can be used for any commercial game project.

Will there be a new update? Flame throwing animation coming?

Yes, i'm working on a new update right now. It will include walking animation and throwing animation

hello my friend, this is an insane work, (a bit of blasphemous inpiration maybe? xD!!), congratz, and question, i would love to hire you to replicate this kind of work but for diferent range aproaches, like shooting bows, guns, throwing things (like your alchemy asset for example). thx in advanced and keep up the great work

Thanks! Yeah, a bit of inspiration from Blasphemous. Absolutely. You can reach out to me at: sven_thole@hotmail.com

thx, ill be in touch this week without a doubt

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