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This is very good art, especially given the price. And, the variety of animations is more than enough for a small project like mine. With that being said I'm disappointed and very surprised the sprite sizes don't match up between the Rogue, Humans and Priest packs. I was under the impression these would be a uniform size and this will result in extra unexpected work.

Thank you. Could you elaborate what you mean by the sprite sizes don't match up? All character sizes are designed to be suited well together

Sorry, what I meant was the frame sizes are different. The frame size of the rogue and humans spritesheets are 80x80 while the priest is 64x64. To create uniform spritesheets I can import I'll need to figure out a way to trim off the blank space of the 80x80 sheets so they're all 64x64 (or alternatively increase the frame size of the priest so it's 80x80). I imagine this is possible in Gimp but I've never done it.

May I ask which game engine you are using that require that all characters have the same frame size for sprite sheets?

You can email me and let me know which sprite sheets you would like to have resized: 

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Thank you Sven, I appreciate it! I sent you an email and would really like your help.

Made some changes in proportions)

Question: how big is the sprite? Also, it would be great if you would include sprite dimensions in all your sprite assets. That would be very helpful.


The frame size in the sprite sheet is 100x100px.

The sprite itself is about 37x37px

Thanks for the feedback, I will keep that in mind

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Wouldn't have bought this without the 3.0 update, amazing work. Hope I can make all the attacks work in my game. Edit: Going through the sprites in my folder now and just stunned by the awesome quality.

Thank you!

Alright, so. Honest review:

The entire pack is really good!

Character looks unique, the animations are really fluid, the added variety with her special attack and spellcast are really cool; I really needed something along the lines of spellcasting. 

The only thing is that the attack animation image is slightly smaller and lowered, which makes the really good pack a bit unusable for me, it still works; I upscaled the character a bit when performing the flipbook, yet it would be cool to see an updated version of the pack with the size of the attack Sprites being the same as the other ones. 

Other than that, amazing pack!

Keep it up Sven!


Honest reviews with useful feedback are the best kind of review. Thank you for taking the time to write it!

I have updated the asset now. Now all animations have the same frame size: 100x100px. This update also includes a new Throw animation and a shuriken projectile. 

Hope you find this update useful! Thank you for supporting my work :)

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Idle 9fps

Run 11fps

Attack 11fps

Special Attack 11fps

Spellcast 11fps

Jump 11fps

Fall 11fps

JumpToFall 11fps

Hurt 11fps

Death 11fps

The frame size in the sprite sheet for the attack animations are 100x100px and 64x64px for the rest of the animations. This should not effect the scale of the character. May I ask which game engine you are using?

Do you have any plans to add more animations to this character?  

Not at the moment