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Storm Mage

Contains the following animations:

🔹 Idle  14 frames
🔹 Run  10 frames
🔹 Attack  18 frames
🔹 Jump  3 frames
🔹 Fall  3 frames
🔹 JumpToFall  3 frames
🔹 Hurt  3 frames
🔹 Death 15 frames

A total of 69 hand drawn frames. Also includes death animations without blood.

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Created by Sven

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You can use this asset in any game project you want, commercial or not, but you can't resell it as just an asset (as I'm doing here).


Get this asset pack and 9 more for $60.00 USD
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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Storm Mage.zip 193 kB

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Wow i remember looking at your page a long time ago (1-2 years maybe) and i have to say you improved a TON . very inspiring.

any eta/info for the next bundle you gonna do ? i really interested in one that contain all your animated characters(from stormage and up + abomination lol).

keep up the amazing work its really good !

Hey! Thank you! I'm glad that you found your way back to my page :)

I had a sale with ten characters that just ended today, however I can extend the sale with one more day so you have a chance at it as well! I will also have a summer sale of all my assets in a few weeks.

Thanks for the support!

Thank you for the reply and the extension ! 

Just one question before i buy , if i buy this bundle and then i want to buy your next bundle in summersale does it reduce the price for the stuff i already own ?

Thank you so much !

Unfortunately Itch does not support this. But to compromise for this I'm planning on having all assets discounted individually instead. So it should not be a problem! 

I see , thank you ! i have bought the bundle ! 

Keep up the great work !!! 

Thank you!


Your animations are just the best!

I'm glad to hear it, thanks!!

This whole bundle is awesome!

Thank you!

Hi, i'm in love with your art and been eyeing them for a while now, i especially like this bundle deal you got going on. My question would be, do you plan to make bundle deals frequently? Also do you plan to add more to them, for example all the animations and characters you drew a while back? Or maybe just a literally everything in 1 package?
Thank you for the amazing work so far and i hope you continue!

sorry, i noticed you already mostly answered this question a month ago, on another drawing.

Hey! No worries, i'm glad that you took the time to write a nice comment! I have noticed that bundles are very appreciated, so yes I will try to always have one up. I already have some plans for the next sale. As I mentioned in the other post I am also planning on releasing a free update with jump animations to the remaining five characters in the Pixel Heroes Bundle. I will most likely have a large bundle or a sale of all my characters this summer.  

I really appreciate that you write back to everyone, even to me when my question was not that relevant, i'm sure others appreciate it too! So thank you for being so friendly and now you gave me another reason to wait for summer! :D

Of course! I'm very grateful of the support my artwork gets by the community here on Itch. It allows me to continue doing what I love. So i'm happy to answer comments and feedback!