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Amazing work! More top down would be awesome!

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If you could make a melee unit and ranged unit in this same style, it would be amazing. I love the style of making the face generic and not the main feature.

I'm glad you like it! However, i'm not planning on releasing more cultists at the moment.

Whats the size?

20px in width, 34px in height

Thats a great size, do you plan to do more top down?

Yes, I have a skeleton pack on its way

Brilliant asset pack! I'm using it in my print-n-play card game:


That's awesome, i'm glad to be a part of it


More top-down pleaseee =))


Working on more top-down characters right now, will be available in January.


it would be great if you did more top down enemies and monsters.  This is great!

Thank you! Noted :)


Hey Sven do you plan to do more top down? This is awesome but would be nice to know if you plan to do more

Thanks! In the coming days I will be uploading a pack featuring Towers which can be used in a top down game. I'm currently not working on a top down character, but I might add more in the future!

Fantastic work.

Thank you!