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Hey Sven, fantastic work as always. I've bought most of your stuff and always look forward to your new works :) I would not be able to make the game I'm making without your amazing art.

Also, small head's up - on the skeleton warrior sprite within this pack - frame 19 (running animation) - there is a single white pixel in the bottom left, on the edge. It is noticeable in-game. Easily removed, and I imagine others can edit it too, but thought I'd pass along the info.

Really looking forward to what you have in store for your next release. Any plans to make an elven faction? An archer with your style would be sweet. Cheers

Thank you for the information, I have fixed this now :)

Great pack !, can we get discount or bundle soon ?

Godlike art! Amazing! 


Thank you!

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Hi Sven, your job is amazing, I am going to buy more of your assets in the near future however I am wondering if small modifications to your artwork like weapon replacement from mace to sword or adding a helmet are allowed?

Sure, you can edit it however you like

Just so you know, this is the first time I have ever immediately paid full price for assets without question. These look great and absolutely fit into the current style of the game I'm working on. I'm going to get more as I need them, but they look fantastic!

Thank you!

Hi Sven i, hope you are doing well. I already used a few of you Animations in my projekt becouse they are great! Is there a way i can ask you somehow to make one of those for me? how can i contact you?

Hi Sven, great work. What is the height (in pixels) of the zombie/skeleton characters? I am wondering if they fit to my existing characters.

About 42px in height :)

Sven is back ! <3 Planning to buy this set soon. I hope more Pixel art characters set (like undead and humans) are coming. One of my favorite Pixel artist on itch! Gorgeous work as always.

Thank you, i'm glad you like my work! :)

Hi Sven! Amazing art!

Do you plan doing discounts on your sets?

I would to purchase a looot ❤️

Anyway, good job!

Hey! Thanks, i'm glad you like it.

No plans as of right now, but could be for the future.

So f***ing good dude!



This is great. I wish I have the money to buy


These are awesome! Will buy it soon.

Thank you, I apprecite your continued support :)

Very Top!!







awesome work