A downloadable asset pack

Contains no animations at this moment. But you are completely free to use this assets in whatever kind of project you like. No credit is required, but appreciated :)

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Tags2D, demon, Fantasy, fire, flame, free, Sprites


FlameDemon Evolved.png 1 kB
FlameDemon.png 932 bytes


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So cool!



Thank you for this! I'll make sure to credit you! 

Thank you!


Thank you for the awesome sprites!!!

You're welcome :)

can i use this in my game?

Yes, go ahead :)

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 por favor, faz as animações desse sprite porque ele ta muito foda 

Glad you like it :)
I will probably not create animations for it. I prefer creating new stuff!


Hi! I'm currently making a game for this and I'm making a scratch game(i know amateur but i'm making it with my friend)and so I would like to use these sprites but with some editing since the game is based in space. Thank you so much for these sprites 

Sure, go right ahead. Good luck

hello Sven.T, i want make a game but i don´t know draw (sprites), we can make a game together?

Thanks for the interest, but I have a different project i'm working on at the moment :)

thank you so much! I was looking for be like this image.

Glad you like it, feel free to check out my more recent work :)

Hi Sven!

First off, thank you for providing such an amazing sprite sheet for free! This will work perfectly for my game. Considering that you've done an amazing job on this, I was wondering if you'd like to help out with my pixel game that I'm making. I don't want to take up too much of your time, so if you're interested, I'd love to discuss this further and share more details with you! Is there a  way I can get in contact with you besides itch.io? Thanks!

- Nick

Thanks for the offer! Unfortunately I have almost no spare time what so ever at the moment. Good luck with your game! Feel free to share some screenshots with us in the future :)

No problem! Thanks for the quick reply and I will be sure to share some progress once I have it!


Here you go: https://creativecommons.org/pu...

thanks, btw your work is great, keep it up :)

Thank you! Have tons of more artwork on Twitter if you're interested :)

These kick butt! Thank you!

Thank you, really appreciate it! :D